David Jay is a self-taught, virtuosic, instrumental guitarist from Edmonton, AB.

Born in Mexico City, Jay became obsessed with the guitar at an early age after watching his junior high school’s classical guitar teacher practice Spanish guitar music. Now as a young man, Jay has combined his love for metal, classical, flamenco, and avant-garde folk to create beautiful hybrid pieces for fans to adore. His debut EP, The Spaniard is just a taste of what’s to come. Being dubbed “The Fastest Guitar Player in Alberta,” David Jay’s live performance will both shock and amaze. Perfecting his use of a live looping pedal, Jay recreates tense and beautiful soundscapes as a one-man self described “guitar orchestra.”

“To me, listening to instrumental music is very much like reading a book in comparison to watching a movie,” Jay says. “For example, songs with lyrics are more like movies, in which you are left with little room for your imagination to fill in the gaps. On the other hand, instrumental compositions provide the opportunity for the listener to unravel a wide array of interpretations. I like to think that my music does not convey a specific homogeneous meaning, rather, it evokes a unique feeling or thought in each listener.”

Jay has played various festivals including Astral Harvest in 2018, Edmonton International Fringe Festival, K Days, the Canadian Rodeo Finals, the Harvest Moon Festival and others.